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We are trying to make the most of the heavily ignored/neglected aspect of any HR professional's or department's lifecycle - Collecting the hundreds of CVs that you receive on day-to-day basis but don't find suitable for a particular job opening. For this, we have come up with a technology platform that lets you upload such unused/non-functional CVs and get hard cash in return! eliminates the option to delete your bulk unused CVs. The files that occupy humongous space in your system and you once considered junk, can now make you rich while sorting your CV database management woes!

We at can help you streamline your database
and get paid for your CVs in three simple steps!

Creating and Uploading Compressed Data


Collate all the unused CVs lying with you and make a compressed Zip file and upload on Currently we are supporting only Indian Resumes in doc, docx & pdf format.

Data Verification


Our team at CashYourCVs will do the basic hygiene check and CV verification for you. Normally it takes maximum 4 days to complete the verification process.

The profiles of the Experienced candidates who are Actively looking for job in IT & HR domain are considered.

Payment Clearance


The due amount reflects in your Dashboard & Wallet! Each CV gets you Rupee 1. You can withdraw the amount to your mobile wallet once it reaches minimum Rs 50.

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